Kalinka in India

Kalinka in India

Based on the russian folk song ‘Kalinda’, this fun adaptation has Susanna (Priyanka Chopra) fluttering a fan while singing along with her new Russian husband.

Russian art in interior

Russian art in interior

The Tretyakov gallery, interior store Depst and furniture factory Idea created a collection of furniture with paintings of Russian artists. Here you can buy cupboards, cabinets, tables and chests with the reproductions of Serov, Malevich, Kandinsky, Shishkin, Polenov and others. The furniture is sold at a price of 24900 rubles for nightstand to 73500 rubles for wardrobe. Each piece is made of natural oak and available in all designs…

Russian Church

Floating Church on the Pirate Ship

Floating Church of St. Nicholas is the only one orthodox church, which was located on the ship “Pirate”, that sailed in  1910-is in the Caspian sea. In the early XX century on the Caspian sea, existed a “floating city“, that consisted of hundreds of barges, schooners, offices with a staff and the population to 100 thousand people. The shallow water did not allow…

Nicholas II Last Emperor

Words of Nicholas II, last Tsar of the Russian Empire, shortly before his death: “Let me live here with my family as the simplest peasant, who earns his bread. Send us into the most secluded corner of our country, but leave us in Russia.”

Whang Od

Tattoo From a Filipino Grandma

Filipino motifs are a new trend in tattoo fashion. While some crazy people do colorful tattoos of Moscow, hundreds of other adventurers fly from all over the world into the wilderness of the Philippines. There in Kalinga province almost century-old woman Whang-Od tattoos newcomers in antique technique called baton. Batak is one of the few remaining…

Color Vintage Photos of Russia 100 Years Ago

Let's go back in time with this striking collection of colored vintage photos, taken in the Russian Empire in 1905-1915. These rare old photos of tsarist Russia were made by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky (1863-1944) with the support of Tsar Nicholas II.

Malevich Cup

Russian Object Design in Kazemir Malevich’s Tableware

Innovative tableware of unimaginable geometric forms by Malevich and Chashnik is considered to be one of the highest manifestations of the ideology of suprematism and russian object design. In 1920s Malevich declared his masterpiece “Black Square” to be “the face of the new art” and was  looking for ways, that could bring that ideology to the…

Russian Beauty by Makovsky

Take a look at those incredibly beautiful classic portraits of russian girls by Konstantin Makovsky, who painted his canvases in the 19th century. At the same time was released this photo album of russian beauty. Discussing those photos men agree that girls back then were ugly and fat, comparing to modern standards. What do you think?…

Snow White Selfie

Princesses in Real Life

Real life is very different from a fairytale. We grew up believing in princesses and princes, but unfortunately with age we realized, that miracles do not happen all the time, and all the fabulous heroes are actually just people with their weaknesses, as they are portrayed by José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros. In his works Rodolfo pays…


Happiness is like Soup

If you want a soup – you should learn to wait. If you want happiness – you should go and practice on the soup.

Moscow Street Art By Zoom

Moscow artist “Zoom” calls his graffitis “street art without vandalism”. As beefiest a real street art, his works carry a social meaning, express civil position and appeal to actual topics. “Stop Booze” “Please Be Kind” In his works Zoom uses not only traditional stencils and paints, but printed paper posters, masking tape and even cassettes. Муха…

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