How to buy russian sim card and get a russian phone number

Visiting Russia you should know, that unfortunately we don’t have international operators here and roaming might be quite expensive for you. So the best idea is to buy russian sim card in Moscow. Russian mobile network is operated by 4 major mobile providers: MTS, Beeline, Megaton and Tele2 (this is a new one and considered to be cheapest, but i’m not sure about their connection to international Tele2). You need passport with a residence address (registration) in Russia to get a russian phone number in their offices. Otherwise they can’t sell it to you. But here is…


… how to buy russian sim card

But on train stations and outside central subway stations (Tsvetnoy Boulevard for ex.) there are people offering prepaid tariff packages. Don’t be afraid, it’s not a fraud. The price is quite cheap, about 150 rubles for a russian phone number and you get 100 rubles on your account once you activate it.

buy russian sim card in Moscow

Another trick is to buy your sim for 50 rub. in Auchan markets (in electronics department). Or in electronic shops called Mvideo, which you can find anywhere.

You don’t need to enter any personal data or show your passport, you just dial the command written on the package and the card is activated. It’s legal and easy. You can refill your account in any mobile shop and even simple shop or do it online.

As for me i’ve been using Beeline for over 10 years now. Because it’s cheap, easy to control (through an app for any phone), and they never cheat on hidden services. You get as much as you pay for it. For example i have an unlimited tariff called Все! (Everything) for 400 rubles:  i get free sms, calls and even 3g/4g. So Skype and WhatsApp are always available anywhere for me and i can keep in touch with the rest of the world. Moreover, they have services with free calls to Ukraine, all stand countries and even Thailand and Vietnam. Sometimes, when i travel, i just turn on additional service and enjoy being online.


Don’t forget, that living Moscow region you enter in Russian roaming which is not expensive, but still you’d better check your account and apply special services for inside roaming.

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