Movies in English in Moscow

There are 4 cinemas that show movies in English in Moscow (or spanish, french cinema  in original language with russian subtitles) : 35 mm (Krasnie Vorota), Pioner (Kutuzovskaya) and 5 zvezd (Novokuznetskaya) and CDK (Park Kulturi)

The main theater in Moscow for subtitled movies is 35mm. I go there each week. If the movie is not there – it’s not worth seeing. They show mostly art house, but sometimes box office too (for example – the wolf of wall street is on air this week). Moreover they organize festival weeks (italian, french, korean films) and opera-play translations. Price is really cheap – 350 rubles on weekend. Both halls are empty on weekdays, but very cosy  and modern enough. But the best thing there is audience: like one big company of movie fans, who come to watch and not party. You’d never hear talks or chewing pop corn (they don’t sell snacks here), but sometimes you can see people crying, starring in shock at blank screen or applauding. So far the best place for me to hang around.


If you are insomniac you can go for a night non-stop session: 3 movies in a raw for 300rub, starting at 23:55. Don’t forget to buy some coffee in the nearest Starbucks.


There is a nice oriental cafe across the street called Chaihona, you might like this kind of exotic dinner with pilaf and shisha.
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But i’d suggest you to go to smoky weird “Сheburechnaya Soviet Time” for its cheap soviet fast food: Cheburek (deep fried pita with meat) or pelmeni, accompanied with Zhiguli beer. It’s small, smoky, nasty but nostalgic and authentic.

Another cinema in Moscow showing movies in english (or original language with subtitles) is Pioneer. Actually shame on me, I’ve never been there because 1.i don’t like their location 2.they show mostly same movies as beloved 35mm. 3.ticket for 600 is too expensive.


But sometimes i choose 3rd alternative. When you want to see something more mainstream, you can check 5zvezd on Novokuznetskaya. First, i like this district called Mekka of small  bars, second this cinema is not far from metro (in Trade Center Arcadia). But you have to call them directly find out if there are original movies scheduled. No info on the site. Ticket price is around 350rub.

The newest and smallest one cinema showing original movies in Moscow is Center of Documental Cinema (CDK) on Park Kulturi. It’s very easy to find it: just next to the subway, on the garden ring. It occupies one of the Moscow Museum’s buildings. BTW don’t forget to step inside the museum, it’s an architectural treasure. Also CDK has a free media library with hundreds of movies, nice cafe and a place where you can work or chill with a notebook.
цдк медиатека кинотеатр ЦДК

On this site you can check daily schedule of all movies shown with subtitles in Moscow

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