Jokes about Putin and Russia

Russia is a country in northern Eurasia and the largest in the world. According to Family Guy, its population consists of bears on unicycles. In FamilyGuy (S08E03 “Spies Reminiscent of Us”) Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Stewie Griffin, and Brian Griffin go to Russia to stop sleeper agent Adam West from triggering a nuclear missile in Spies Reminiscent of Us. While there, they enlist of the help of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Family Guy – RUSSIA from ennsbq on Vimeo.

You can watch the full episode here. Stewie: Wow, those are the Russian people? (The city is full of bears on unicycles) Stewie: I mean, granted, you do think of bears on unicycles when you think of the Russian people, but they’re all bears on unicycles? Dan: Bears on unicycles, every one. Chevy: So what do we do now? Dan: We’re undercover U.S. agents in a hostile foreign territory. We’ve just gotta make sure we don’t do anything that makes us stick out. Russian Guard #1: Hey! They’re not bears on unicycles! Russian Guard #2: You are under arrest. Stewie: Oops. Time to lose this costume. (Stewie unstacks himself four times like a Matryoshka doll and becomes smaller) Stewie: (high-pitch voice) ‘Cause we’re in Russia!


Vladimir Putin: Would you like to see Russian cutaway gag? Stewie: Yeah, sure. Vladimir Putin: Here’s Russian cutaway gag. Rusian porcupine (said in Russian): Кто этот идиот придумал бутерброд с дикобраз, царь стиль Онихулиганов!Они немые скучно-ослы! Translated: Who’s the idiot who came up with a sandwich with porcupines, czar style? They’re hooligans! They’re bored dumb-asses!

But i really enjoy this joke: “I will provide you transportation, food, supplies, everything from A to backwards R“. The thing is first letter in russian cyrillic alphabet is A and the last one letter is Я (YA, which looks like backwards-reverse english R). So we use this expression meaning totally, from beginning to the end, entirely (“я знаю все это от а до я”, “i know it all from А to Я (backwards R)”. This gif is also from family guy, about russian dating roulette.

You can also see Simpsons Joke about Russian Olympic Games Mascote Fatov.

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