Interesting facts about Russia

Russian Esquire site has a section called “figure of the day”. Each day there is published interesting, funny, silly and serious data from all over the world.

Here are some figures about Russia:

  • 82% of Russians can not speak any foreign language.
  • 86% of russians support a law against propaganda of homosexuality. Moreover, 92% say that they never met propagandа of homosexuality.
  • 5 attempts it took Vladimir Putin to start a new Lada Granta (Russian car)
  •  23201 so many streets in Russia are called “Central”. This is the most popular name among Russian streets. Second one is “Youth” (16736), third – School (15244).
  • 33 years. This is the maximum age of a person who may participate in the open contest for cosmonaut candidates. Among other claims are: russian citizenship, foot length not more than 29.5 cm, ability to dive 20 meters in lenght and jump up to 2.3m; standing height not exceeding 190cm, sitting height – not more than 99cm.

You can also keep track of interesting news from Russian Esquire on their vkontakte or facebook pages.

btw 8% of Canadians had sex in a canoe And here are cute alpine marmots after hibernation.

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