Please¬†contact me¬†if you run a non-profit project related to education, psychological help, children, charity or anything good, and you would like to make a free site for it, but not sure how to do it. I will translate and write texts for you, build up your free site, create visual materials etc. Let’s discuss your ideas and you can rely on my help in this matter, free of charge, for sure.

Want a Free Site ? Free Text ? Free Translation ?

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Will Gladly Design Your Free Site Don’t hesitate 2 Contact me!

If you have an interesting startup and are tight in budget, i would like to join your team and do anything I can be helpful for. Why? Because i know how to do some things and i like to constantly develop my skills and learn something new. I have free time, and i’m ok with what i’m earning. Last but not least, helping others makes you feel good :).