Full Moon over Night Moscow

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Moscow is incredibly beautiful at night. All the houses and streets are so bright lighted, that you can even read books, sitting on the bench.

The fact that this city never sleeps extremely surprises tourists: cafes, clubs and even small shops next door work 24/7. They don’t have any closing hours, siestas or brakes even on weekends. So basically you can get anything in the middle of the night from movies to haircut and carwash. But don’t forget that alcohol in shops is sold only until 23:00, maybe that’s why we have so many bars around. And though drinking outside is forbidden, but nobody checks it.

Summertime nights are even more romantic: you can walk whole night long in parks where they show movies (try to stop by Gorky Park at 4 o’clock you will be amazed by floats of youngsters skating around) or take a boat by Moskva river or even ride 24hrs round Trolley called Б. Feel safe in center all the time, but better order a taxi in app like uber or yandextaxy (or rent a city bicycle if you are not that drunk, because our traffic and hilly streets convert a bike ride into a rollercoaster).

Btw Subway it’s closed from 1AM to 5:30AM