Miracle Friendship between Goat and Tiger in Russia

Whole country follows christmas miracle. For over a month now thousands people around the world watch incredible friendship story between wild tiger (living in Primorsky Safari Park) and a got (his ex meal). Tiger called Amur is a real predator, born in the wild. Until November 2015 he was no different from his relatives: he hunted and ate alive animal. But one brave goat, which was sent to him for dinner, won his heart by being fearless and brave enough to butt and stand up for himself. Since then animals live, walk, play and eat together. By the way tiger did not give up his carnival habits and continues eating rabbits, though sometimes he chews grass in Timur’s company. Moreover once tiger was forced to give goat his sleeping place in the house and spend the night on the roof.

At first everyone was skeptical about it and though that Amur will play a bit and finally eat the prey, but it’s not happening so far. Instead animals became superstars and got their pages on Facebook and Instagram. Primorsky Safari Park installed live cameras for fans to watch this miracle online.  Also you can check videos about this unusual couple here.

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