Astonishing Photos of Moscow Metro

In the daily flow and rush of life we rarely notice the beauty around us. Muscovites are so used to metro, that it only causes shudder at the thought of the crowds at peak times. But what if we look at Moscow Metro through the eyes of a tourist or an artist? We would suddenly notice this breathtaking grandiosity, captured in mesmerizing photos of the Moscow Metro by David Burdeny. I felt like i was walking through a palace or fancy museum, and it took me a while to recognize the station of my native city.

Moscow Metro
Beautiful Photo of Moscow Metro

Canadian architect and photographer David Burdeny spent two weeks shooting station of the Moscow Metro. So far he was the only person, who was allowed to photograph Moscow Subway without its passengers. It took him over a year to arrange this session, moreover he was forced to rent stations by hours and only after midnight. Without hundreds of people (main factor distracting viewers attention) these stations reflect its original purpose, conceived in the 40s: for citizens to admire soviet architecture and art, lifting their heads up and starring at stunningly high ceilings and majestic chandeliers, reflected in marble walls.

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