Thank you. David.

Thank you for each moment from 1999, when i first saw thursdays child at the age of 14, and until today. You walked me through my life. You changed and influenced it, like no one else did. You were there when i was sad or happy or alone or scared. Those were wonderful 17 years. I…


Ironic image of Putin and Political Satire

Unlike the Charlie Hebdo caricatures, political satire by Azerbaijani artist Gunduz Agayev is extremely subtle, merciless and truthful. In his works he fearlessly and sharply pokes fun at politicians and religious leaders, as well demonstrates his vision of current international events without any embellishment. For example one of his series reflects deep-seated stereotypes and negative sides…

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Old Video of Moscow Kremlin in 1908

Watch this amazing old video of Moscow from Kremlin side, shoot in 1908. Unbelievable that in essence nothing has changed for 100 years. The riverside is completely the same, and even traffic jam near the Kremlin walls is still there, only the usual horses were replaced with iron one. What is a century for an ancient…


Miracle Friendship between Goat and Tiger in Russia

Whole country follows christmas miracle. For over a month now thousands people around the world watch incredible friendship story between wild tiger (living in Primorsky Safari Park) and a got (his ex meal). Tiger called Amur is a real predator, born in the wild. Until November 2015 he was no different from his relatives: he hunted and…


Russian New Year Postcards

Last year i told you about main russian new year traditions. Who could think that another year is almost over. I hope you all spent it great and made a bigger plans for upcoming 2016. For me it was a dramatic year, full of changes, travels, fun and tears. That’s why as anyone else i hope…

How to buy russian sim card and get a russian phone number

Visiting Russia you should know, that unfortunately we don’t have international operators here and roaming might be quite expensive for you. So the best idea is to buy russian sim card in Moscow. Russian mobile network is operated by 4 major mobile providers: MTS, Beeline, Megaton and Tele2 (this is a new one and considered to…


Vintage Photos of Old Moscow

Take a look at this amazing collection of old photos in color. Set of very rare photos of Moscow and Russia in 1930s. Stunning quality and high resolution, so you can see each detail of old buildings and vintage clothes. More photos here


Full Moon over Night Moscow

Moscow is incredibly beautiful at night. All the houses and streets are so bright lighted, that you can even read books, sitting on the bench. The fact that this city never sleeps extremely surprises tourists: cafes, clubs and even small shops next door work 24/7. They don’t have any closing hours, siestas or brakes even on…


Russian Tattoos of Moscow

Some people are so in love with their city, that they get it tattooed. Look at those interesting russian tattoos of Moscow. Times are gone, when it was considered to be a criminal mark, and you had problems getting a job being tattooed. Nowadays it’s very trendy among youngsters to capture Matryoshkas, bears and the Kremlin on their bodies.


Movies in English in Moscow

There are 4 cinemas that show movies in English in Moscow (or spanish, french cinema  in original language with russian subtitles) : 35 mm (Krasnie Vorota), Pioner (Kutuzovskaya) and 5 zvezd (Novokuznetskaya) and CDK (Park Kulturi) The main theater in Moscow for subtitled movies is 35mm. I go there each week. If the movie is not there – it’s not worth seeing. They show mostly…

Cheap Russian Food in Moscow

Moscow has lots of kfc, mc’donalds, burger king, subway, dunkin donuts. But it’s more interesting to try typical popular russian food: blini, grechka, pelmeni, borsch, sirniki. Early i’ve told you about “Cheap cafes and restaurants in Moscow to try popular dishes of russian cuisine”. Now it’s time to check main fast food places in Moscow and…


Interesting facts about Russia

Russian Esquire site has a section called “figure of the day”. Each day there is published interesting, funny, silly and serious data from all over the world. Here are some figures about Russia: 82% of Russians can not speak any foreign language. 86% of russians support a law against propaganda of homosexuality. Moreover, 92% say that…

Family Guy joke about Putin and Russia

Jokes about Putin and Russia

Russia is a country in northern Eurasia and the largest in the world. According to Family Guy, its population consists of bears on unicycles. In FamilyGuy (S08E03 “Spies Reminiscent of Us”) Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Stewie Griffin, and Brian Griffin go to Russia to stop sleeper agent Adam West from triggering a nuclear missile in Spies…

Symbols of Olympics Sochi 2014

Symbols of Olympics

Teddy bear (Олимпийский Мишка, Olympic Mishka) mascote of XXII Olympic Games (1980, Moscow, USSR) is the most treasured, loved and nostalgic symbol for every russian (which can be compared only to Cheburashka). His image is very recognizable. Even though i was born 5 years after Olympiad 80, i know about its famous closing ceremony, when a…

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