How to make a compliment to big breasted women?

There are a few guidelines which help you to pay the attention to big breasted women or men. Follow these rules during the meeting, and you will be always successful in strong relations with a partner – it is a real art to make a compliment and see the reaction you need!

  1. You no need a reason for the compliment. You need no repeat a lot of times that your big breasted woman has beautiful eyes or hooters. She ...
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Old Video of Moscow Kremlin in 1908

Watch this amazing old video of Moscow from Kremlin side, shoot in 1908. Unbelievable that in essence nothing has changed for 100 years. The riverside is completely the same, and even traffic jam near the Kremlin walls is still there, only the usual horses were replaced with iron one. What is a century for an ancient city, after all. Moscow is at least 700 years old (868 officially), and Kremlin is considered to be the oldest fortress in Europe.

It’s site ...

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Sport in Moscow. Swimming pool and skating rink in Luzhniki. Outdoor swimming in frost and ice skating

Swimming in the pool when it’s minus outside is a truly unforgettable experience. Besides it’s not as cold as you will tell your friends later. Water is heated up to 27-29 degrees and you get into the bath through a warm room.

Such a pastime is not only a unique emotion, but it’s incredibly useful for health and immune system. You will instantly feel stronger, lighter, relaxed and will sleep like a baby. It really clears the mind and improves appearance ...

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