How to make a compliment to big breasted women?

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There are a few guidelines which help you to pay the attention to big breasted women or men. Follow these rules during the meeting, and you will be always successful in strong relations with a partner – it is a real art to make a compliment and see the reaction you need!

  1. You no need a reason for the compliment. You need no repeat a lot of times that your big breasted woman has beautiful eyes or hooters. She already knows it. If you already told her about it, be sure – she has heard thousand about it from other men. It would be better to look into a person's appearance and find there a flaw – one of which, in your opinion, the person is just shy or it makes her or him unhappy (too short legs, small breasts, etc.). Praise the weak human space! Nobody can resist it.
  2. Complete honesty. You have to speak so that the woman has no doubt you say. Burning eyes, body tilted slightly toward the speaker. The woman even cannot take her eyes and all her attention will be focused on you.
  3. Never respond to platitudes, "Thank you for the compliment!". Better to say, for example, that you only state a fact and your "thank you" – this is just a small compensation for that you are allowed to see such beauty. Does it sound? Of course! And it works!
  4. Use your knowledge! You need to use any ‘weapon’. Your scent, your voice, your mannerisms (by the way, do not even think to wean from good manners, it's not a truth, that the politeness and courteous are old-fashioned), as you say and do all the external signs – depends on the fact- are you really interested in this person or no? Compliment – it is also one way of the beginning of the dating, but in most cases – is a thing that should be used during the first acquaintance with the woman and also in a future life.
  5. You must not use templates, which you read on busty dating site or in books of pick up artists. Of course, there you can find useful things for teenagers. But this is only a template; this is just examples of how to make a compliment. Do not memorize these texts! Your partner will understand it at ones.

You can continue this list, but do not limit the flight of his imagination – just experiment with your own ways of making compliments!