Old Video of Moscow Kremlin in 1908

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Watch this amazing old video of Moscow from Kremlin side, shoot in 1908. Unbelievable that in essence nothing has changed for 100 years. The riverside is completely the same, and even traffic jam near the Kremlin walls is still there, only the usual horses were replaced with iron one. What is a century for an ancient city, after all. Moscow is at least 700 years old (868 officially), and Kremlin is considered to be the oldest fortress in Europe.

It’s site was continuously inhabited by Finno-Ugric peoples since the 2nd century BC. The Slavs occupied the south-western portion of Borovitsky Hill as early as the 11th century. Since then it burned, was destroyed, conquered and returned back. Only for the first 450 years of its history Moscow was burned to the ground almost 100 times, but always rose from the ashes.