Sport in Moscow. Swimming pool and skating rink in Luzhniki. Outdoor swimming in frost and ice skating

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Swimming in the pool when it’s minus outside is a truly unforgettable experience. Besides it’s not as cold as you will tell your friends later. Water is heated up to 27-29 degrees and you get into the bath through a warm room.

Such a pastime is not only a unique emotion, but it’s incredibly useful for health and immune system. You will instantly feel stronger, lighter, relaxed and will sleep like a baby. It really clears the mind and improves appearance (skin immediately becomes taut and a quick swim burns more calories).

I advise you to come to the last session. Bewitching black starry sky is over you, clouds of steam erupt from your mouth, feeling fit and ease.Especially because in the last sessions ther are almost no people and you can swim calmly and long enough .

Regular sport in Luzhniki is a great alternative to expensive Moscow fitness clubs, which require rather at least monthly subscription, are usually jam-packed and don’t have a real swimming pool. Despite seemingly Soviet environment, Luzhniki pool has been recently renovated and looks nice.

To visit the pool , you will need:
1.”Medical Certificate” called “spravka”. This is a rather formal piece of paper, which can be made quickly right there for ~200 rub. I usually buy it here for ~ 500 rub. Spravka is valid for 6 month.

2 . Cap and flip flops (without it you are not allowed) and googles (otherwise nothing can be seen). You can but it cheaply in any Sportmaster  sport shops all over Moscow . It will cost another 700 rubles .

Schedule and prices.
07:00-09:00 – 400 rub./hour
09:00-18:00 – 350 rub./hour
19:00-21:30 – 500 rub./ hour
Weekend – 400 rub./hour

I suggest you to come on a working day after 15.00 (before there are senior and children) .

The pool is located righoutside metro Vorobyevi Gori. It’s the most convenient way to get there . If you come by car, you can park right outside the building (costs ~100 rub.)

Luzhniki territory is huge, you can go to the skating rink or just stroll through the beautifully illuminated promenade.

Outdoor skating rink here is very large (15 000 sq m) with music, good lighting and a real ice. There are changing rooms, lockers, cafes and wi fi.

Schedule and prices:
Weekdays (Tues – Fri) 17:00-23:00 160 rub.
Weekend (Sat – Sun) 10:00-23:00 230 rub.
Skate rental: 180 rubles/hour and 1500 rub. deposit.
Subscriprion for 10 visits – 2000 rubles